The initial team started with our founding philanthropist, Sheikh Adel Aujan and Derek Littleton, our current Director of Conservation and Law Enforcement. To date 30% of our original ranger and scout teams still remain with Luwire.


Derek Littleton – General Manager and Director of Conservation and Law Enforcement

Derek is a third generation Zimbabwean.  His career began with Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management, moving to the Wildlife Unit of the Forestry Commission which managed the game rich indigenous forests of Western Matabeleland.  During this period he played a significant role in setting up the early Tcholotcho CAMPFIRE program.  This dealt with Human Wildlife Conflict. It gave rights to communal communities to manage and sustainably benefit from their wildlife resources.   Derek was also very active in successful anti-poaching operations.  The Rhino Wars ushered in a dark period where despite a hard fight, those rhino not lost had to be translocated to Intensive Protection Zones, depriving the forests of these iconic animals.  This experience has greatly influenced Derek’s approach and resolve in securing the elephants of Niassa.

Derek’s friendship with Sheikh Adel – which lasted for 30 years – resulted in a move to private sector safari and anti-poaching and finally to Mozambique and the incredible Niassa Reserve.  Derek inherited a blank canvas and cherishes the incredible privilege of being engaged in conservation on scale. The horrendous Mozambican civil war created an almost complete skills vacuum in the bush. Derek has had to train his local team from scratch. 

Derek considers his work a vocation, and believes in practical and robustly Africa proof solutions for conservation. 

Lola Lopez

Lola is a Mozambican conservationist with over 20 years of experience working on human rights issues. She’s been on the front line of peace building efforts in Sierra Leone, worked with Palestinian refugees and supported several development programmes mainly on governance, justice and gender equality. Following the elephant poaching crisis in Mozambique, Lola shifted her career focus to conservation and joined Wildlife Conservation Society to support ANAC disrupt illegal wildlife trafficking. Prior to joining Luwire, Lola was the Project Implementation Coordinator for the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area, encompassing the Kruger National Park in South Africa, Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe and Limpopo, Zinave and Banhine National Parks in Mozambique. Apart from the operational oversight, Lola also leads Luwire’s Community Programme. She has a Bachelor’s degree with Honours in Law and a Masters in International Law and International Relations.


Abdulla Aujan

Abdulla Aujan is the Executive Chairman of Aujan Group Holding with commercial interests across a variety of sectors: beverages and snacks , hospitality, real estate, and packaging materials. Aujan is a prominent foreign investor in Mozambique. Abdulla is the son of the late Adel Aujan who was Niassa’s first concessionaire from 2000. Abdulla carried on after his father’s passing in January 2017. He has made it his personal goal to transform Luwire into a secure and independent wildlife conservation project.  Abdulla is based in Dubai.

Elena Son

Elena represents the Aujan Group in Mozambique, being responsible for all Commercial and Operational functions for Fenix Investimentos Lda including Rani Resorts. Elena administers the Home Owners Association for the Iconic Torres Rani, manages its Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as overlooks all government and media relations. The Aujan Group is the legal owner of the concession granted to Luwire Wildlife Conservancy, in block L7 of the Niassa Special Reserve.
Prior to that, Elena has held senior positions in Mozambique spanning nearly thirty years including Managing Director for the real estate company Home and Gardens Lda for 12 years, Managing Director of a marketing company 2GG Lda, and Managing Director for ESS Marketing and Communication consultancy. In addition, Elena is the founder of MINFO, one of the largest electronic magazines in Mozambique that launched in 2008. Elena has also held the positions of Interim Marketing Director for Coca-Cola Sabco Mozambique SARL, and Marketing and Communication specialist for Millennium Challenge Account in Mozambique for four and a half years prior to joining as the Africa Commercial Director for Fenix Projectos e Investimentos Lda.

Derek Littleton

Derek is Luwire’s General Manager and Director of Conservation and Law Enforcement. His background includes Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management where he managed the game rich indigenous forests of Western Matabeleland and played a significant role in setting up the early Tcholotcho CAMPFIRE program and in successful anti-poaching operations.  Derek’s friendship with Sheikh Adel  resulted in a move to private sector safari and anti-poaching and finally to Mozambique and the incredible Niassa Reserve.  Derek inherited a blank canvas and has built Luwire’s tea and infrastructure from scratch.

Nick Tims

Nick has been actively involved in African conservation for some twenty years. He has been a trustee of Tusk Trust, the UK-based conservation charity, since 2011 and has previously been on the boards of Save the Rhino, the Selous Trust in Tanzania and the Milgis Trust in northern Kenya. He is extremely widely travelled in Africa, having visited 25 countries there, including making several expeditions. A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Nick’s abiding passions are Africa’s wildlife, its wild spaces and its people, along with his long-distance swims for conservation, not to mention his 3 children and partner, Akhtar, all of whom share his love of the continent. He lives in London and works in African private equity.

Oscar Monteiro

Oscar is a Mozambican entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Asset Developers, a diversified investment firm with interests in real estate, hospitality and facility management. He is also a director and co-founder of Malawi Moringa, a superfood company specialized in quality control, branding, processing, bulk wholesale and online retail distribution of Moringa related products. He is also affiliated with 4YouSee Arenas, a digital signage technology company which provides software, content design and managerial solutions for corporate TV and Digital Out Of Home Networks. 4Yousee Arenas focuses on football stadiums and other sports venues.

Prior to his return to Maputo, Oscar was a lead project manager at ProNatura International in Paris, providing management and organizational support for ‘Our Planet Reviewed’ a program for the exploration of the natural world that aims to acquire new flora and fauna knowledge in the regions of the planet where the greatest biodiversity has remained largely unexplored.

Oscar is dedicated to bridging wealth creation and investor returns with community uplift by tackling social, economic and environmental issues.


Paula Ferro

Zahara Malik


Pierre Lucas

Fernando Oliveira