Project Description


Luwire has run anti-poaching operations since its inception in 2001.  We have a long track record of being at the forefront of combatting wildlife and environmental crime within the Reserve.

Although we adapt our methods to best address threats, our foundation is practical field skills coupled with good intelligence gathering.  A broad vigilance network allows us to dedicate limited resources appropriately.

The inclusion of real time technology and adoption of SMART monitoring from our dedicated Operations Centre continues to professionalize our operation.  Information and resource sharing with like-minded teams dramatically enhances our overall effectiveness.

Luwire collaborates with our Niassa Conservation Alliance and GDA partners, as well as Government law enforcement and justice structures.

Aerial Surveillance

Our Bathawk surveillance plane allows us to effectively control the high ground.  It has been invaluable as a Law Enforcement tool for early threat detection, coordinating follow ups and greater ground coverage.  It is also used for game and fire monitoring, verifying the status of collared animals and quick access to remote scout posts for medical and tactical assistance.