Project Description


Soils and climate in Niassa Reserve are not well suited for agriculture.  Further to this subsistence crops are particularly vulnerable to crop-raiding by elephant, hippo, buffalo and bush pig.  These animals, which pass freely amongst the villages can also constitute a danger to life.  To this end we have a small, well trained and mobile team who work alongside the MOMS Guardians and under the direction of our Community technician to keep these animals out of the crops.  Trials with electric fencing and crop choice are ongoing.

  • Community Engagement: Prevent villagers from further participating in wildlife crime by providing alternative income streams (e.g., peanut butter social venture, pop-up farmer field school) and non-cash incentive programming (e.g., business, health, and education credits).
  • Financial Sustainability: Create conditions for income generating ventures, either tendered out to 3rd party operators/vendors or internally by our expanding team.

To support community engagement and financial sustainability, some of our ongoing commitments since our founding in 2000 include:

  • Community engagement in conservation through annual soccer tournaments, mini-basketball, and lion “fun days”
  • Maintain the school facilities we built, including lunch provisions to scholars
  • Improve food security through agriculture, conservation, and permaculture