Following a devastating civil war in Mozambique from 1972 to 1994, Niassa once again became an important area of biodiversity that needed protection. Niassa was from 2000 managed as a public-private partnership the Sociedade para a Gestão e Desenvolvimento da Reserva do Niassa (SGDRN). When the first concessions were made available, Saudi Sheik Adel Aujan bid and was awarded the tender. So began the story of the Luwire Wildlife Conservancy or Block L7 within the Niassa Reserve.

Luwire has operated since as a sustainable hunting and photographic safari concession. The Lugenda Wilderness Camp was built in 2006 as a luxury photographic tourism lodge. Luwire aims is to be a resilient conservancy that transforms communities and conserves natural resources. The key ingredients for  success include: security, transparency, professional governance, sustainable economics, community engagement and first class infrastructure. The Luwire team is mostly Mozambican nationals. Many of Luwire’s scouts were born and raised in Niassa. They risk their lives every day to protect free-roaming wildlife and keep the concession safe and secure for future generations of Mozambicans.

Sheik Aujan – our founder – sadly passed away in January 2017. His son, Abdulla Aujan, carries on his legacy to this day. Luwire is now constituted as a US and UK charity and Abdulla sits on the Board. The strategic focus is definitively community based conservation. Luwire seeks to turn the local communities into long term guardians of their natural habitat. This is a sustainable legacy of which Sheik Aujan would be proud.