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Here’s ten ways to donate to Luwire Wildlife Conservancy! Your 100% tax-deductible donation will have long-term impact in Niassa and help us to achieve our mission. Please contact us for more funding opportunities.

  1. Help us to employ more Mozambican law enforcement scouts, decrease wildlife crimes, and protect Mozambique’s endangered wildlife: It costs $5,000 USD per year to sponsor a Luwire scout and his household.
  2. Support Luwire’s aim to phase out hunting and become a conservation-only concession: Our annual hunting revenue is approximately $400,000 USD per year. Your donation of $100,000 or more will serve as an income replacement to help us fulfill our late founder’s vision.
  3. Create a peanut butter social venture project by and for villages
    that provides new employment opportunities and income-generation for our local communities. This includes a free Farmer Field School for villages to further support agricultural sustainability. $150,000 USD for three years or $450,000 total (with additional costs to expand to the entire Reserve).
  4. Improve housing conditions for our law enforcement team. This includes a barracks overhaul in at least three locations: $8,000 USD per barrack or $24,000 total.
  5. Vehicle and land equipment overhaul. Procure two Land Cruisers; 3 tractors; three trailers; one 5-ton lorry; one motorized grader to replace our 15+ year old ones that are original to our inception: $245,000 USD total
  6. Launch a formalized aerial counter-crime surveillance unit: Procure one more Bathawk aircraft for surveillance and biodiversity monitoring of wildlife and communities. Build two more airstrips. Train two pilots with all licensing complete: $100,000 USD total
  7. Conversion to solar energy for significant increase and utilization of technology and communications network to all six camps: $3,333-5,000 USD per camp or $20,000-30,000 total.
  8. Launch a wildlife youth ambassadors program across villages to include curriculum kit (for ages 5-12); scout shadowing day trips; materials, transport, badges, hats, and staff hire: $20,000 total per year.
  9. Women’s literacy project: $2,000 USD per village per year or $16,000 total per year.
  10. Join the Luwire Niassa Stewardship Brigade: Mozambican Protected Areas require $500,000 per 900m sq or 0.22 acres (USAID, 2017) per year. Sponsor one acre at $100 USD per acre per year. Based on our 1.1 million acre property size, we are seeking a one million-strong brigade of conservation supporters from around the globe to donate $100 or more.


“The mission of Luwire Wildlife Conservancy Foundation is to protect, conserve and improve the physical and natural environment of Africa and to educate the public about environmental and ecological issues by soliciting financial support in the United States and elsewhere.”

Luwire Wildlife Conservancy Foundation is a US non-profit organization, tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code and is governed by an independent board of directors. EIN# 83-1655474

Gifts to Luwire Wildlife Conservancy Foundation are deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Gifts and donations made by US taxpayers to Luwire Wildlife Conservancy Foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

A tax receipt in a form acceptable to the Internal Revenue Service will be issued for every gift and donation received.

If you wish to discuss a gift or donation to Luwire Wildlife Conservancy Foundation please contact our Chairman, Paul Buckley:

T: +44 20 7016 6601 | M: +44 7894 094872


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